Angel of Light

Angel of Light - Beauty Lightworker

 All a matter of perspective. Gain another perspective and see it from another angle. Watch how your reality changes. What you think was once true is now revealed to be just an illusion.

Limitations exist on what you once knew or believed to be true. No longer can you see it or believe it like before. Once your perspective shifts your reality shifts.

The PAST and FUTURE all exist simultaneously in the NOW. Your point of view is different. It depends on where you are standing. Stand at the bottom of the mountain, your focus is limited on a section of the landscape. Climb to the top that's where you will see the bigger picture.

The angle of light is wide expansive. Sight the scenery and observe your standpoint. See how your perception changes and belief of what exists in reality. 

You judge from your position. Is your vision accurate even from the mountaintop. What if there was an even higher perspective. The angle of light would seem insignificant. Why judge? When your opinion is controlled, your awareness is blocked from view.

At best you have only estimated at what is really going on. You can only assess and consider from your line of vision.

Use your third eye it is the ultimate bird's eye view. Discernment is needed when you cannot see the forest for the trees. 

Tell me what's your angel of light showing you?

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