Beauty Mask

"Life is a beauty mask designed worn to enhance, renew, rejuvenate".

Did you forget you are not the beauty mask you wear? Let go, don't let it stick so tight, no need to preserve, it's not fit to stay. To grow mouldy and crusty. Let flakes fall. Washing away don't let it stay.

You discover and consider the season, to choose from an assortment of sheet or clay. There is also the option of cream, peel or gel. What about the popular trending charcoal? Want an all in one solution, apply the power of a multi-purpose mask. 

Each recipe of high-performance function brings a new level of glow. Each minute works its magic cleaning up the toxins out of your soul. Experience total relaxation, luxury to lift your spirits. Setting in motion, a holistic sensory experience. Did you know infusing natures molecules will initiate therapeutic results? This treatment is custom built-in service to other life products, producing synergistic effects.

Now it's time to remove the mask. Be gentle in the movement of water. Scouring is too harsh can leave you scarred. Be mild and accepting, wiping, splashing with the rain of the sky. All washed away. Drying and being absorbed by the infinite towel of the universe. Next life next level of skin care will also be in a pretty package. 

Ever wonder how you shall be without life without a mask?


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