Explore your talents

Explore your talents Beauty Lightworker

The Gold Era is here. It is spreading like wildfire, to an extraordinary number of hopefuls.


Opportunity for everyone to discover, define, and develop their unique talent. There is a rush for buried gold. The treasure is buried deep inside you. Dig until you find one unique nugget. Potential for riches beyond and cannot go unexplored.

Occupied and entertained you stare in others eyes. There is no gold to be found but empty sights. Follow trails, the crumbs of joy to a forest heart abundant and wealthy. A season for the taking you have only to seek. Beware of distraction a plentiful disguised as a fam. To trick you, distract you and push you to the ground.

Is there no glory or treasure out there? I searched for the whole planet they all don't care. Don't fall asleep waiting for gold. Dreams don't come true unless you are bold. Meanwhile the stars, sparkle shines their path. Never pray to be rescued from the dark. Make up your mind to explore hidden talents one day is too late live for today.

Delay too long too hard to find happiness in people's selfish arms. Only when you realise it might be too late, the gold rush era vanished by your marked grave.

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