Eyes of your Heart

Eyes of your Heart - Beauty Lightworker Quotes

Open the eyes of your heart to see the truth of beauty.

In a world of confusion and illusion, how do we use discernment to clarify the truth of our reality? We fall in the trap of menial existence, a time loop dimension of external focus. Then become distracted by fear-based projections. We limit our potential to understand divine light in ourselves. The black shadow power is a heavy cloud, cloaks all light, clarity and knowing.  

Emerged in the darkness, it is no wonder there is confusion, struggle and fear. How is it possible to see the light with physical eyes? The world is ruled only in darkness. There is only enough light to give a false sense of hope we are living our best life.

The greatest of power found in the greatest despair. The death of hope blinds the false living lifestyle. Boldly it faces the truth. It sees and believes in nothing external. Everything is full of disappointment and delusion.

Entering the depths of the soul feeling there is no other option. You find the eyes of your heart soundly sleeping. Should I wake this sleeping beauty with a kiss? Is this a fairy tale with a happy ending, the moment our eyes meet?  


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