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Welcome to the Heart Spa!

What is a heart?

A robotic mechanical mindset has dictated a false impression of the heart. A vital organ of life is an unquestionable fact. How is the pump slowed down to merely exist and call this life-sustaining? Call this the norm. You have no comparison, accept herd mentality by mainstream media and Doctor Right.  

Is it a job on a superficial level of living circulated through your system? Oh yes, blood carries oxygen and nutrients to organs in the body. This heart muscle needs to stay healthy to function efficiently. 

Oh, my sacred electric heart you have been neglected, undervalued, abused and misunderstood. 

Time to regenerate the heart. The fuel of blood that carries compassion to all of the cells in the body. The toxic poison of fear automatically filtered out as waste.  


What is a Spa?

The spa described a wide range of services and experiences. From facials, massage, exotic destinations and pamper sessions. Movies portray the era of Ancient Greece and Rome bathing in naturally occurring thermal springs. 

We visit a spa to have an experience of total pampering and relaxation. A haven get-away from the stresses of the daily grind, if life gets you down and stuck on the merry-go-round.

A place where treatment is like a Queen, your every desire, your every wish comes true. No responsibilities upon your shoulders except for being in the moment. Enjoy every minute and moment.

There is no world outside of the spa. Forgotten the instant you step through the entrance, of the enchanted spa. Your excitement accelerates heartbeats of tranquility.


What is Heart Spa?

Consciousness directs a current of electricity, impressing all your cells until they fully charge.

Push past all sorts of blockages. Now the blood pumped by the heart is circulating optimally. 

The most powerful medium of life utilized to deliver the highest frequency of compassion you have ever experienced. 

Marvelling at your translucent light body the feeling of euphoria is inexpressible. The pink flare glows from the centre of your chest, is expansive, freeing and unconditional.


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