Hidden Motives

Examine your motive in all that you do. What's hiding inside the cave taken control, left you feeling powerless? 

Is money a good enough motivator anymore? Rewards by digits or paper. A circulatory system of bloody bills. When we lack, does this mean we are not worthy? Not good enough to earn high numbers placed on a screen.

But I want I need I know this is for me you say, then easily forsaken. The search remains, luck on our side, many options that amuse and occupy our time?

The money reward is a trickster, a bribe in disguise. High stakes advertising campaigns, divert attention, create envy. Lifestyle image of illusions, bombarded, overworked no time to think.

Why do we settle for bribes to be a part of a game of blackmail and mind control? Loving and nurturing our offered bribes. Let's be proud that we have achieved, earned the highest bribed price from our neighbour.

Stepping, trampling and tearing, no matter what it takes. Is this achievement is this success?

How many of us can say I'm not motivated by money I do what I love. A motivation of love keeps me here and happy-go-lucky. Follow dreams without restrictions.

How is this taught in school in the workplace, a community built on unbending rules? Freethinkers ridiculed made outcasts in a close-minded culture set in ignorance and fear. Ego sets ablaze in bullying rage. Grasp mindless power games. They tell us to be motivated by punishment raised hell. Motives of control leaning on superiority no matter how you look at it, it's out of control.

True leaders suppressed delaying truest revolution. Abstract thinking, it's time to get out of the box. We are our only leaders to dictate those rules.

Look within, create space, block lies thrown in your face. So you're happy in your motivational place. 


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