I like you

I like you therefore you matter? 

Culture of likes. Ticks masks of self-hate. Addicted to approval. On a pedestal of fame and fortune. No peace to you. Look at the stars, can you touch them? They are so lonely high up in heaven the promised land.

An invisible veil detected permeates the air. I'm sungazing rays of worship. Glorify the God of likes. Modern-day universal religion idolatry devotion a sinister cult. Who's the sacrifice for today? Asks the famous cult leader, with a charismatic voice.

Fans follow unison movement raising their hand, in duty such honour. What an opportunity, get noticed a taste of personal fame. Star for a day, an hour or a minute. To feel alive, means I exist. It matters I'm here. Look see everyone is noticing me. We share a commitment to our ideology. We belong. No loneliness.

Life questions have answers secret solutions held close to our chest. Be part of a social movement, a social media club of beliefs and rituals. Focus on likes my new hobby collection.

Praise my comments from subscribers the member of a religion. We don't discriminate dear follow our rules. Don't join the movement with free-thinking views. We need educated conditioned by time. The good, the bad and the benign. Harmful language of technology of the divine.

Sharp cuts in conspiracy no doubt will end your presence, your likes, your reputational fame. Dopamine likes for every thumb up. Drug injection a high we certainly crave. Screen fed self-esteem less awkward face to face. Please stay connected while building your inner likes.

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