Im Perfection

Im Perfection - Lightworker Quotes



I look at all my faults, blemishes and undesirable features and feel they are distortions of my worthiness.

The prominence of raw red scars of incompleteness bothers me. Abnormal and unbalanced features verify a lack of perfection in my mind. My fears only to be confirmed through a judgemental, familiar society who deploys unrealistic expectations of beauty.

Naively accepting without question, I compare myself to others and rate my value and role in the world. Are they all disfigurements in my mind? Do I have to hide away, feeling humiliation and embarrassment as others point out my beauty flaws? What more confirmation do I need to recognise I am full of imperfections? How can I camouflage my ugliness to the world? How can I make them see I am beautiful?

I fruitlessly search for satisfying solutions based on false promises. I hope to get a little peace from the exhausting energy of constant cover-up. Everywhere I go, every time I look in the mirror, I encounter suffering. How can I possibly keep this up?

In my misery, the beauty of life is fleeting. Time has no mercy. I have no control. My only resort is to let it all go. Superficially and outside of me, I can never find my sweet spot. I turn my focus inward and feel my pain of limitations.

I soothe my heart of loneliness and isolation. Who can fill the holes with compassion and acceptance but I? A friend in me waits patiently for the wind to gather momentum. I finally gather the courage to surf all the waves of emotion, to realise



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