Indulge Clearing

Indulge in clearing old beliefs - Lightworker Quotes

Indulge in the clearing of old beliefs. It seeds potential of growth, for a fresh start in life. Your destiny evolves it is time for your new life to emerge.

Crackle open the protective layer to witness new earth. Time every influence in your surroundings. What power do they hold over your behaviour, character, thoughts and beliefs? The yin and yang of energetics permeate your soul affecting choices that direct your life. Examine people, do they ignite an inner fire or blow out the brightest flame?

Empower your life with choices with light, not darkness. Resurrect a flame that has died from past extinguishing. 

Take time for silence to escape family and friends. Sit with you. Find soothing in solitude.

Take responsibility for all aspects and outcomes of your life. For better or worse it found you to guide you into a new future.

Forgive all who have hurt you by their ignorance and egotism. A lack of mentality brings fear, scarcity, and competition. Perhaps from unconscious hatred compassionless attitude. Let it all go, forgive and balance your psyche. Don't allow their blackness to burn your heart. Forgive yourself for not seeing the way out of the shadows and not loving all your ebony moments. Ask your higher self to guide you back into the warming rays of the sun.

Control your thoughts to control your new life. Your thoughts give power to your beliefs, creating who you are today. Create a new world for yourself. You are the engineer you create practical materiality.

Express your talents and design solutions to tribulations infesting soulfulness. Bond to the divine to create a playful release of negativity and inflammation lodged deep in your heart.

Healing the pain body, mind and soul, burn a purple candle. Speak negative thoughts aloud to be consumed by the flame. Close your eyes and feel your life step out of the smoky clearing field and into the pure white energy of your higher light.

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