Inner Kosmos

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Dive the ocean depths. The crash slices through icy waters sending ripples and shivers of vibration. Like a current of electric shocks. A reboot switch jump-starts cells shocking the whole being, the body vessel. 

Wide is the world entry with a passport to travel freely amongst the organ islands. Island hopping becomes fun. The flow of adventure reviving circulating and sustaining a strong heartbeat. 

Now is the chance to clear away the rubble left by the conniving, freeloading and narcissistic bug. The hose faucet is immediately released, the pressure blasts away the mites. Gradually it is melting the layered sponge cake. To leave a small sparkle and clear the dust.

Altered landscape a foreign land was unrecognizable. No well is like dry land in a desert of neglect. Pass up the path of personal custody. I store away out of mind.

Begin the trend now a relief a weight is gone. Too heavy to walk and bear. Too tired to survive. Fast lane to the dead it's like no other world. Let me be a part of the living. 

The drastic, melody of hyper-energy starting my inner worldliness. I look inside to feel the pulse, whispers courage in Morse code. Gut knowing is a language. My mind ignores the disclosed pain. Prickly needles, piercing, throbbing, excruciating. Now I understand compassion in my inner kosmos universe.

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