Lady Utopia

Lady Utopia Beauty Lightworker

Worship Lady Utopia

Near perfect qualities. Imagine highly desirable beauty. Physical attractiveness for the female population. A self contained community sharing a culture of perfection.


 Facial features which ones appeal?

  • High degree of bilateral facial symmetry
  • Her Turquoise Eyes of identical shape and size.
  • Five eyes width across her cheekbones.
  • Her eyes one eyes width apart.
  • Her eye socket one eye's height distance between eyebrows.
  • Her eyebrows extend 1.5 beyond outer eye corner.
  • The highpoint of her eyebrow is directly above the pupil corner of her eye.
  • Inner & outer ends of her eyebrows are on the same level.
  • Width of her nose nostril to nostril, is the width of one eye.
  • Her mouth is the width of two eyes.
  • Bottom ear & end nose same level.
  • Eyes half way between top head & chin, but top half more.
  • The length of her nose 1/3 length of her face from hairline to chin.
  • Her upper lip slightly thinner than lower lip.
  • Corners of her mouth are directly under the pupils of her eyes.

Beauty is in the eye. 

Beauty is in contradiction.

Beauty is perceived contrastingly.

Acceptance is an emotional landscape that extends across heaven and hell. Glazing into the looking glass you see fragments of goddess and demon.

The sun blazing virtues casts a shadow on vices. Who feasts on our emotions does not feel our pain. The peace of restlessness anchor us to this dimension.

Her vision is comfortable with paradox and clouds of ambiguity. Contradictions of the mind are there to stay. She celebrates tradition of rebelliousness a mental health tune lacking depression.

She engages originality bound in her nature.


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