Last Day

If today is my last day - Lightworker Quotes

If today is my last day, I make peace with the depths of my whole. The parts I have rejected they aren't so pretty, filled with flaws. Ugly shapes, and sizes particularities mark of the beast.

The inner demons of deliverance bring night terrors incubating in the shadow consciousness of thought. Shut out the apparition for the time is at hand to remove the mountainous handicap. The illusion casts a chain of oppression like an albatross around my neck.

Frozen icicle of fear I hesitate too much, at hopeless dead weight, wishing I could unleash a burden of chaos. The jinn is but an evil dream hell-raiser of the eternal beauty of spirit. Tormenting souls is its consignment. This hellcat scratches and claws at you like a scratch post. Toys with you throwing you around in a cat and mouse game. 

Power of the little devil is only possible upon agreement. Disagreeable people shunned my true God is now calling me home. No more shall I weep, shedding tears of the frustration of shame, guilt or fear.

Forever I am held in the arms of God's graces like an extension of his might. I find the courage to let it all go. To reject the fire of unclean spirit and love the brute. Anguish affliction is no longer a delight. There is no comfort in my grief. How do I spend my last day in a human physique? In celebration of all that is in me.


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