Natural Results



 "There is no such thing as natural results with this type of surgery." I wonder if, this statement spoken by a surgeon would trigger fear, in eyes that seek to alter human looks.  


Is it safe to wear the results of toxicity and ignore the damage to health care? The changing face of reconstructive surgery alters shape to improve features.

When we can't afford plastic surgery, we photoshop our looks. Reshaping chins and cheeks, tightening muscles of the neck. Can this facial contouring give natural results and subtle improvements without erasing the real you?

Surgeons say "there is an amazing body hidden under the layers of natural fat." Liposuction with less effort, less bruising, less bleeding, less swelling and only a 3-day downtime. Happiness carved by a knife, a technology of laser focus. 

Be your kind of beautiful girl. Don't look like the standard beauty pinup girl. Are Doctors recommending natural, a safeguard limit on alteration? I wonder if this procedure is a habit of addiction. Significant and noticeable invasive treatments spread very quickly as undesired harm. The widespread exploration for wishful outcomes of body perfect beauty. How is it ever satisfied with just a little nip and tuck?

Have you forgotten the healing power of plants? It's time to get intimate and sensitive, and tune into the trees. The leaves, the roots and bark and berries and pretty flowers of various species. A colourful and fragrant character a personality of their own. The deepest kind of natural welcomes you into their energy meadow, a place you will soon feel at home.

Beneath the branches surrounding you just focus on your sensations. SOS call on tree devas for sustenance. The seeds are high in vitamin C there is power in the fruit. Zest of sweetness to bring beauty back to life.  The white flower magic of spiritual cleansing. Herbal protection to strengthen the weary heart. Creamy nuts ground to make exotic oils and essential essence cheers.

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