Self Expression

Self Expression - Beauty Lightworker Quotes

As your self expression increases so does self love.


What is self-expression?

Personal to you, freedom experienced through written words, opinions, speech. It is your outlook on things. The way you face situations in your life. How you represent yourself and voice what you care. The image you portray to the world. What brings you inspiration and personal fulfilment NOT dictated by society's wants and needs from you. A representation and voice of your heart and soul.

Displayed, enhanced through all aspects of your being, from your facial expressions, appearance, attitude and values.

Look at it as the motto of your life.

A mantra of expression, influencing others even in subtle ways.

It is a declaration of your sovereignty, individuality, independence and power.

Love of your inner and outer beauty.

How to use self-expression

The artisan has many tools at their disposal. Endless choice. No restriction. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate this power. To do so would place you in a trial judgement day. Suffocating, in confinement, in a box that limits fresh air supply. 

Self-expression is a technique, skill, craft and art. A talent is worthy only in your mind. Without an outcome or destination, it just wants to be. Live in peace. There is no expectation of a reward or validation.

Like a flower, you blossom in the glory of the solar rays of the sun.

Art Gallery of expression tools

Appreciate a diverse range of activities using more than your five senses. Experience a magical life rainbow wonderland. 

Sit in a hot spa of wellness:

Be in the now, paint, write, draw, speak, listen, admire, daydream and walk in nature.

Try gardening, laughing, singing, thinking, visualising, meditating and talking to God.

Connect with animals, kiss someone, dance, tickle, express all your emotions.

Photograph moments, cook a meal, swim in the ocean, lakes, rivers. Sit in nature and breath.

Train your body, massage your muscles, pamper your spiritual vessel. 

Design and craft away using your imagination, smell perfumes and aromas, taste and eat life.

Feeling, knowing, reading, interpreting, crying and celebrating you. 

Tap into your fantasy world, travel in time, space and dimensions.

Build and sculpt your identity and decorate your home.

Listen to music, play the drums, perform a play, act the clown.

Celebrate ceremonial rituals of wellness.

Why we need to be self-expressive

  • transformational experience
  • connection with something larger than yourself.
  • To know thyself
  • Self-acceptance and self-love
  • calming inner peace
  • grounding and being in the moment
  • experience happiness and joy
  • heal emotions and elevate the mood
  • gain mental clarity and balance
  • raise frequency and vibration
  • renew energy and spirit
  • incorporate spiritual practice and unity with the divine.
  • heal and lighten the heart and experience love and beauty
  • experience well-being, health and vitality
  • connect with people and share experiences
  • manifest a life you desire
  • align to the presence of your power and divine gifts
  • Understand love and duality.
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