Skin Essence

Skin an indispensable core component of nature the most prized quality of beauty.

This dermal decoration, a coat of many colours, a garment black and white. Yellow ochre and olive chocolate brown. Bestowed by the divine.

This peculiar coat I love. Token of royalty, you take your place as leader. Glory found in light of many colours. Sisters turn green with jealous envy. Why a strong dislike for your priestess garment? Barriers block the path, defer from the assignment. Feel dignified little sister, this technicolour skin coat may sometimes fail to grant opportunities. Fundamental for identity-based on pure illusions.

Remember it's just an ornamented robe. How delightful, it gives protection from the elements. It captures high temperatures and so many sensations. Slow regulates a heavenly body. The ultimate nature of elemental, is this being. It captures a powerful essence, the total eclipse of the heart.

Absorbing heat light flavoured drinks with thirst. Penetrate skin barriers like a layered cake, epidermis, dermis hypodermis is soft spongy flexible tissue.

In the largest existing organ, we find skin essence beauty to the touch. Combine elements of care routines with step by step instructions, to extract purity, light, epithelial being.  

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