Skin Luxury

Absorb skin luxury, a dream made manifest, initiating an even skin tone in a reawakened ritual of indulgence.


Absorb the bubbles of luxury just for the moment. Fully immersed and floating, you sink in a silk river of tranquillity. The tide of time swiftly supports you through the rhythm of the flowing current.

You feel relaxation sinking deeper, experiencing comfort and safety. Protection found in a creamy smooth bubble of peace. Eyes shut but open to an inner world, the tropical coloured paradise of nature. Absorbing the sun's rays of skin luxury brings an internal lightness, an expansion in the soul. Forest of warm and wet humidity puts you in the green zone.

Hair braided with blue passion flowers, the aroma of hibiscus hovering in the pink cosmos. Birds of paradise a proud bouquet larger than life. The blooms worshipped like a God by a bed of red roses in the essence of their angelic perfume. Celestial petals delight the senses, pores gulping in gratefully, the elixir of life.

Skin caviar beads absorb skin luxury a milky emulsion activates rejuvenation. Two drops of liquid lift touch the fingertips. Two drops dispense the textured serum, to smother, melt graceful curves, highlighting contours and recesses. Nourish deep moisture and elasticity, a feeling of firmness to illuminate the beauty of the eve.

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