Skinspell Kit

Skinspell Kit Beauty Lightworker

Skinspell Kit

Potion for wrinkled brow:

Try a dose of frownless a better injection than botox. It can smooth the creases of your brow. When foreheads wrinkle in displeasure, a worry bringing sadness or confusion, it's time to banish anxiety and the scowl of disapproval. Use the prevention potion of self-acceptance. 

Potion for the lips:

Scrub some sugar on your lips to smooth away dead words and infected cells. Wearing strawberry-tainted gloss adds flavour to lips speaking words, with a perfect hint of the essence and fruity sweetness.

Potion for heaven hands:

Try this offering it is a natural soothing balm to hands worn by neglect. Open the tonic of kindness and spread with a soft touch to the hand. The beeswax base to heal extreme dryness is free of watery emotions. Covers like a glove to hands and traps deeply to restore vitality.

Potion for facial complexion:

Wear a smile of brighter appearance to face a spirit mirror. Look at your complexion, what is your character colour and texture? Adorn with makeup colours of the rainbow. Partake in soulful aesthetic rituals custom made for a personal glow.

Potion for clear eyes:

Seek a look beyond the veil of cloudiness found in your eyes. A translucent mask's vision is far from clear. This overlay conceals a vibrant canopy of light. You look with haziness and doubt. Like an eclipse, it blots out the original light spectrum. All it takes is a willingness to see all you have missed and all that you fear.


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