The High Priestess

The High Priestess Beauty Lightworker

In my past life I was a high priestess. 

 Feverish dreams and relentless sleep opens the door to an alien wonderland. A journey of foreign design walking memories of old. Who am I? Just a dreamer for tonight. I know without my mind answers and confirm powerful perspicacity never verged on before. Feeling eerily familiar, is this the real me or have I stirred from a nightmare? Hard to say.

My potentiality is awakening, enlightenment potent guidance. A musical play of prophetic performance. These ceremonial rites of wry evade my peace. Lucid mediation tempo for reflection. What does the script's protagonist set in motion? Let dreams unfold by the grace of the universe. The mysteries of life dangle in the air. Single-minded vision of inner star guidance never fails.

Cloak and dagger truth approach an enigma opens a trinket paradox. A mystery and awe of omnipresent truth. Enchantress in your domain. Sixth sense satellite messages subtly unveiled confidence a faith rejoiced from the high priestess. 

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