Waiting for the ONE?   What would you do?    Who would you be?   If YOU were the ONE you have been looking for?

How long have you been waiting girl? Last time I checked you promised me your full attention. Don't you find it quite ironic how I wait for you, whilst you wait for someone else? Playing the waiting game is mundane. Many occasions I've tried directing your attention.

In moments of solitude, pain and distress. Happy hearted we rejoice in one another, fleeting parting ways in stormy seas.  You look at me with so much sadness, whilst I look at you with endless faith. I'm buried deep under large heavy boulders, trapped and unable to speak. The rubble keeps on mounting suffocating and choking, my words a soiled soul.

You sense my distress, that's why you steer clear. Ignore thy presence erase your fear. Distraction a tool for avoidance you skillfully mastered. Fly away from me. Look away from your heart. You will never know the magic locked away by being stuck.

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