Up in the air

Up in the Air Beauty Lightworker

Like a hot air balloon allow the warm summer breeze to sweep you away to new horizons.

What is it like to be a human being trapped in density a heaviness that materializes as a body of air? The jealous entities of the universe are lining up to take you on a ride. Formless clouds of invisible vapour penetrate the intracellular membrane of life.

The consent is granted by clever manipulation infiltrating the fabric of nature through the quantum field. A matter made of photon particles, a tiny light energetic transmission floats into space. A wave of electromagnetic potentiality is universal. 

The photographic view out there is astonishing you forget about the downfall. You get a bird's eye view, seeing life like never before, higher than the mountains, hovering above the sea.  

Notice iconic landmarks as you soar shadows change your unique vision of the world. Appreciate beautiful sights of the day. Daily troubles whittle down to size as you explore humanities journey. The air is favourable to spot the signs of earth life. Catch a peek at human destiny shapes the landscape. A fascinating look at whatever awaits. 

Up in the air can make you a little queasy, but it can be a joyous ride. An open mind, a keen eye, a curiosity flame that lights up the best moments of your life. This adventure unlocks to all participants. Few come for the ride. 

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