African River Goddess

Find out if you share the traits of the goddess of sensuality and beauty!

Oshun the African river goddess of beauty, love and abundance came to me quite unexpectedly. I only read about her recently and I was amazed how much influence she had in my life. How I could relate to her.

My story of synchronicity began when I first found myself attracted to things that previously held no interest to me. Where I had no attraction to the colour yellow, now it has become one of my favourite colours. I kept on seeing sunflowers everywhere. It got me curious when I came across her name and so I decided to find out about her.

In the Yoruba religion ceremonial rituals are practiced in Nigeria, Cuba, Latin America and Haiti. Oshun is considered one of the most powerful and adored of the orisha. The orisha or gods/goddesses are like a mediator or go between the spiritual and human realm.  They communicate closely with the supreme creator to maintain balance.

As the legend says, Oshun a beautiful Nigerian river goddess dressed in yellow and gold was sent to our world to bring sweetness and love. To bring us back to life.  She is found in the sweet fertile waters of the world, the rivers and lakes.

She grants all your hearts wishes, especially related to romance and seduction. 


This is how Oshun describes herself. Do you resonate with this African goddess?

  • My favourite colours are yellow and gold. I like wearing yellow clothing and gold jewellery. My favourite number is 5.
  • I have a sweet tooth and love eating honey, oranges, cinnamon and pumpkin.
  • I often take time to appreciate my beauty and honour the goddess within, taking time to laugh and feel joy.
  • I am attracted to sunflowers, nature and everything of beauty.
  • I find myself bathing in the sweet fertile waters of the earth.
  • I see beauty in the all things. In a beautiful peacock and the ugly vulture.
  • I feel drawn to magic and mysticism. I can be generous, irresistible and charming.
  • Casting spells of love and abundance. Romance and Seduction.
  • However, do not make me a promise you cannot keep. If you cross me beware, my sweetness will turn sour.
  • I demand loyalty of whom I love. I love with an open heart and soul, even though the same love eludes me at times.
  • I get closer to the creator through daily prayer and meditation, maintaining a spiritual balance within.

Oshun Goddess Ritual

Ritual to be practiced on Saturday (her favourite day)

Description of Ritual: 

This modern day African beauty ritual helps to invoke the goddess of sweet and fresh waters: Oshun. The Oshun Goddess Ritual is a sacred water ritual symbolic of spiritual cleansing and purification. The spirit of water flows through to wash away and neutralize negative impacts on the body mind and soul. To refresh, rejuvenate and awaken. An initiation of intention, a rebirth in consciousness.

The element of water is a source of all life. The cleansing ritual of pouring water on your body is a soothing practice. Helping to wash away negativity held in the body and clearing out old outdated beliefs. It allows the practice of setting the intention of change. To support and experience a sense of renewal and regeneration from within. It is a simple practice of gratitude and self-love, an energetic flow of healing.

What you need:

Sunflowers, Honey, 5 Yellow Candles to create a tranquil atmosphere and offering, Sunflower Oil, Epson salts, bathtub or foot bath, favourite music, Sweet Orange Essential oil, Cinnamon Essential oil.

Alter of Peacock feathers, 5 Yellow candles, Sunflowers, Mirror, Gold or Yellow hair wrap or tie. Diffuser.

How to experience:

  1. Set up and prepare what you need for your beauty ritual creating an atmosphere you are happy with, include fresh sunflowers or any other yellow flowers if you have them.
  2. Light the candles or tea candles, and burn sweet orange and cinnamon essential oil in your diffuser.
  3. Wear a robe or something comfortable. Tie your hair up with a gold or yellow hair tie. Wear a flower in your hair. Make yourself some tea with honey to sip and relax listening and singing to your favourite music.
  4. Draw a warm bath adding 2 tablespoons of Epsom salts, drizzle honey mixed with 3 drops of orange essential oil. If you don’t have a bath, you can use a footbath, and add only 1 drop of essential oil in the honey. Mixing it in thoroughly, before you add it to the water.
  5. Now it’s time for you to relax and allow your body to soak up the sweetness of honey and orange. Or place your feet into the footbath of warm sweetness and feel the effects of the spirit of water cleanse and purify you.
  6. Chant the song of Oshun 5 times. Imagine and embrace the energy within you.


Song of Oshun

Repeat the Mantra 5 times.

I am a free-flowing river. A sunflower of the earth. My beauty shines like the sun. With my contagious laugh, I feel joy for life.  I carry and see my true beauty everywhere I go. I have you under my spell, when I embrace my sacred sensuality. All abundance and sweet things come into my life.



 Allow yourself to be mindful of your own inner Oshun. Experience the same qualities, and honour the sweetness of you in your life.