Glutathione Goddess Secrets Lesson 2 Part 2

Glutathione Goddess Secrets Beauty Lightworker

Glutathione Goddess

Toxin Attack



Working in partnership with the body is the most powerful thing we can to combat toxin exposure in the first place. Fewer toxins floating around will strengthen the skin and lung power to detox. A healthy digestive system helps the body remove toxins swiftly and effectively. Here are some practical ways you can implement and reduce toxins for it to become a way of life.

  • Reduce toxin exposure - reduce the total amount of toxins you come into contact with both internally and externally. By far the best way you can assist your body to function optimally.
  • Reduce stress - Reducing daily stress can assist the body by working with your body rather than working against it. Reduce stress by breathing slowly and deeply to stimulate lymph flow to release toxins. Helping your detox system and also keep your vital organs healthy and functioning more effectively. It strengthens the immune system power to fight unwanted toxins and diseases.
  • Increase natural enzymes - Increasing natural enzymes in your body will help to neutralize harmful toxins, so you are less likely to experience overload toxic stress. The built-in self-defence mechanism in your body will always be on guard to neutralize toxins and damage to cells.
  • Activities increase circulation - move your body to increase blood flow to boost your detox system. It will help remove toxins faster and more effectively.



Skin surface detoxing plays a part in eliminating toxins out of the body. There are some excellent ways you can stimulate the detox process from the outside of your body. Some of the beauty detox treatments that may help are:

  • Body Scrubs – Body scrubs made from sea salt or Epsom salt-containing essential oils and ingredients such as green tea or coffee. The coarse texture makes them effective scrubs to slough away dead skin cells. Scrubs should be moistened with a little water and then applied directly onto dry skin. Rubbing in a circular motion in an upward direction towards the heart and then rinsed off. 
  • Body Brushing – Body brushing is a perfect way to stimulate blood and promote lymph flow. Body brushing speeds up blood circulation to help flush out toxins. Use a natural bristle brush to avoid damaging the skin. Brush the skin while dry and apply about 4-5 long firm but not hard strokes. Do one section at a time directed upwards towards the heart. 
  • Sauna & Steam Heating – Heating treatments are gaining popularity globally. Some Scandinavian countries have been using sauna treatments to keep their body healthy and toxin-free. Some studies show the boost to blood flow in skin increases by as much as 70%. The fresh blood brings the toxins closer to the surface of the skin are easily eliminated out of the body.
  • Massage - Massage can help in two ways to detox the body. Firstly, by reducing stress and stimulating feel-good hormones. It can help reduce bad habits like smoking and reduce cravings for toxin rich food and drinks. The second reason is that massage stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow. Applied pressure from hands acts the same way as body brushing or exercise. Manual lymph drainage massage is the most beneficial for detoxing because it stimulates the lymph flow with long gentle strokes. Aromatherapy massage increases blood flow through the use of applied pressure and a blend of essential oils with detox properties that absorb into the skin.
  • Exercise – Not only is exercise beneficial for weight loss and muscle tone, but it is also a great way we can strengthen our detox system and remove toxins. Excess toxins are present in fat cells of the body. Aerobic exercise such as swimming, walking, running, and cycling encourages sweating, makes you breathe faster and stimulates bowels eliminating waste and toxins. It causes the breakdown of fat safely used for energy. The lymphatic system speeds up toxin removal whilst the muscles contract when you exercise helps push lymph through the body. 



  • Diet – you have control over what enters your mouth, this gives you the personal power to reduce toxins that could enter your body. Choose to eat healthy alkaline-rich food with antioxidants, and avoid foods that create inflammation such as coffee, bread, milk, alcohol and red meat. The toxic burden on your liver is reduced raising and keeping glutathione levels optimum in your body.
  • Weight Loss – It’s not just about the calories. Toxins play a role in weight loss too. They can interfere with weight gain too fast and losing weight too slow. Many foods contain toxins that promote weight gain. Pesticides in foods and other products contribute to weight gain. Caffeine and alcohol destroy vital nutrients that the body uses to burn fat. Calcium has the power to convert cells to either store fat or to burn fat. Caffeine depletes about 6mg of calcium per coffee cup you drink. Research trials found Vitamin C deficiency in 58% of overweight women. When overweight women increased their Vitamin C they lost weight even without dieting. Other studies have shown Antioxidant supplements like Vitamin E helps reduce excess weight toxic overload. So boosting your overall antioxidants with supplements like Vitamin C, E and glutathione can help contribute to weight loss. Magnesium is a fundamental mineral for fat-burning. Magnesium is depleted from the body if you are stressed. Magnesium helps to reduce stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol stimulates appetite and encourages fat to store in the tummy. 
  • Supplements – herbs, vitamins and supplements help support detoxification. The best supplements you can use for detoxification are dandelion, milk thistle, chlorella, probiotics, and psyllium husks. Glutathione supplements are also available now. 
  • Meditation  stress is reduced through the practice of meditation. Helps to increase the levels of glutathione in your body as well as eliminating toxins created from stress-inducing activities.


  • Eat food - rich in glutathione such as almonds, eggs, garlic, onions and red peppers.
  • Take a supplement - a form of glutathione like Whey N-acetylcysteine NAC Cysteine is a great way to boost glutathione in the body.
  • Skincare - start using skincare products high in antioxidants like glutathione. Look after your skin with topical creams and lotions to add moisture and glow and keep your skin looking younger. Wash daily with glutathione soap instead of regular soap.
  • Nasal sprays - are high in glutathione and are available for a quick boost to your body.



The glutathione goddess plan of toxin attack focuses on prevention rather than quick fixes. These four workouts used in unification will bring about a powerful detoxing in your body. It is time we start to think differently about skin and beauty. Beautification is not all about repairing the damage by using products, lotions and potions, cosmetic procedures and hoping for the best. The secret is to aid your body to naturally detox. Applying these four workouts every day will automatically enhance your skin beauty, health and glow. To bring out the natural goddess in you.