Glutathione Goddess Secrets - Lesson 4

Beauty Lightworker Glutathione Goddess Secrets - Lesson 4


What is it about the Goddess energy that fascinates humanity? What power or secrets does she possess for women to idolize and envy for thousands of years. Since the beginning of time, men and women have been obsessed with the power of the Gods. Why does religion the worship of the gods become a spiritual crusade and way of life for some? Could it perhaps hold the search for the ultimate truth and power? This power of immortality is so compelling and destructible that man has destroyed life in the search for this hidden knowledge.

Before we explore the topic of glutathione and longevity, we need to look at the meaning of longevity. The dictionary defines longevity as the long duration of individual life. Now what comes to my mind when I think about this statement is how closely it resembles the distinction and power of the immortal gods. 

Every year we celebrate the constant reminder of our finality a countdown to our demise. Rewarded for accomplishments, taught life is a competition we need to outlive and outdo our fellow human. No wonder we all feel a desperation to come up with a way we can prolong the inevitable.

How Glutathione assists longevity

Death from ageing is given more attention by scientists today in an attempt to understand all aspects of its effects and progression. Yet effective treatments to control ageing are still unclear. New approaches are required to increase glutathione levels and delivery to cells.

What is it about glutathione chemical structure and makeup that assists the body to function and give the cells a higher shelf life? Glutathione is associated with the progress of age-related diseases. So an age-related disorder is, therefore, a longevity disorder. 

So what do we know about glutathione ability to assist with longevity? Glutathione is a master antioxidant found abundant in our cells. The body can be considered a macrocosm and the cells are the microcosms. By studying the intelligence of individual cells the wisdom of the body is revealed.

Cell Support & Defence

Present inside each cell we have the power to produce an elixir to sustain life and support cell longevity. We are exposed to an increased amount of free radical oxidative stress every day this is responsible for age-related diseases, organ failure leading to death. Experimental evidence has suggested glutathione cell support means anti-ageing benefits. Glutathione strong antioxidant capabilities are widely reported and confirmed. Antioxidants are free radical scavengers that prevent oxidation of cells. This cell protection and support is directly able to ensure optimum function and therefore prevent age-related health problems.  

Alteration in Glutathione:

Experimental findings report changes to the type of glutathione content in cells. There are two chemical types of glutathione in the body.

  • Reduced glutathione (GSH)
  • Oxidized glutathione (GSSG)

The ratio of the two glutathione chemical types determines the cell balance between antioxidants and oxidants. The ratio of GSH is higher when cells are healthy. When cells become exposed to free radicals, the GSH drops. With age, GSSG increased significantly by 84% but GSH content remained the same. Oxidation levels increase with age but antioxidant protection remains constant or can even drop. So ageing and longevity are determined by oxidation chemical levels in the body.

Age expansion:

Glutathione lab research has confirmed age longevity by as much as 50% increase in the average length and maximum life span. 

Low Glutathione:

Low level of glutathione decreased the survival of chondrocytes the cells that form cartilage and produce collagen.

Age-related effects of low glutathione led to cataracts, heart disease, kidney failure, infertility, central nervous system damage and organ failure.

A therapeutic role for:

  • Parkinson’s disease - slowed down
  • Diabetes - non-insulin dependant 
  • Skin inflammation conditions like psoriasis
  • Cancer - Prodrug therapy to improve how drugs are absorbed, distributed, metabolised and excreted.

Glutathione and Telomeres

Telomeres are protective caps at the end of each strand of DNA protecting our chromosomes. Without these protective caps, the DNA becomes damaged disease develops and shorter life expectancy.

There is a fascinating discovery that shows a high level of glutathione can lengthen telomeres comparative to high-intensity exercise. By boosting glutathione we can slow down telomere shortening or dysfunction.

There is mounting evidence that free radical oxidative stress can increase dysfunction or shortening of telomeres. The shorter the telomere, the faster we age. Telomere function is associated with cancer. Studies have found glutathione depletion can decrease telomere function by 60%. Furthermore, optimal glutathione levels resulted in peak telomere function. 



The powerful antioxidant properties of glutathione supports the life and function of the cells, and therefore the whole body. Depleting this abundant elixir leads to disease and a shorter life. When longevity is a goal in our lives, we have to adjust our values to match a healthier lifestyle to support the duration and quality of our lives. Sustainable living is about providing nourishment and adopting habits that will guide us towards goddess-like vitality.





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