Glutathione Goddess Secrets - Lesson 5


Glutathione Goddess Secrets - Lesson 5 Wrinkle Free

“Wear a smile and have friends; Wear a frown and have wrinkles” - George Eliot

Your skin is the first attribute you present in the world. Interactions with people and social life weigh heavily on our ability to make an impression to the outside world. Skin carries our emotions and expresses to the world vitality health and wellness. Thus, we become obsessed with keeping up our appearance and the search for the miracle anti-wrinkle cream.

A small fortune is fretted away, yet we come away time and time again dissatisfied with the results. We opt to use whatever new product or advancement the beauty industry dishes out. Swayed by heavy marketing campaigns, we put our hopes on dangerous toxins to eradicate that pesky wrinkle so we can feel good about who we are. As soon as we notice a furrow on our face, we start to panic, a reminder that life is slipping through our fingers.

What we need most is casually overlooked and dismissed as ineffective and all too hard. Self-acceptance and a love of our skin to nurture it from the inside out is the road less travelled. I hope to emphasise this through the eyes of the most potent antioxidant abundant in our body, glutathione. To waste this resource is foolish on the quest for wrinkle-free beauty.

What are fine lines and wrinkles?

Fine lines and wrinkles are the telltale signs of skin ageing, they are grooves, creases, folds and lines that form in your skin. Horizontal lines on the forehead, eyebrows, nose, and neck bands. The vertical lines between the brows, smile lines, nose folds and corners of the mouth. 


Yes, there are two types of wrinkles, we definitely can do something about preventing one of them and even manage the acceleration of the other.

1. Functional Wrinkles

Functional wrinkles found in areas of your face where you express yourself, such as the eyes, forehead, and mouth. What we consider a natural part of ageing. The perpetual muscle movement results in these functional wrinkles to form over time such as squinting, frowning and in sleep. 

 2. Excessive and Early Wrinkles

Wrinkles develop more quickly on body areas exposed to the sun. External environmental factors are the main contributing factors to excessive wrinkles. Unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, pollution, sun, smoking, drugs, alcohol and dry skin are some examples of non-natural wrinkles. Excessive wrinkles have little to do with the normal ageing process. Genetics can influence wrinkles biological development. The proper functioning of DNA determines the cell's life and turnover and onset of wrinkles. 

Contributing factors in wrinkle formation

These are many contributing factors that cause wrinkles which we shall cover in more detail below:

Intrinsic Ageing

Biological or chronological time and genetic factors determine the condition and life cycle of the skin cells. Your genes matter when it comes to wrinkle formation and premature ageing in your skin. 

Extrinsic Ageing

Lifestyle and environmental factors are the most detrimental and preventable factors in skin ageing and wrinkle formation. They create the most damage to the skin through the formation of free radicals. Protect your skin from the sun, pollution, and excessive dryness. Monitor stress and bad habits if you are concerned with developing wrinkles.

Changes in the dermis

The dermis is the inner layer of the skin where its structure is composed of collagen and elastin the connective tissues of the skin. The connective tissue is what supports and protects the skin and deeper layers. Changes in the dermis means changes to collagen and elastin the building blocks of the skin. A break down of collagen is a breakdown of the fibrous protein molecules. This causes a reduction of strength and thickness in the top layer of the skin. It reduces elasticity and makes the skin more vulnerable to damage and wrinkles. Water can escape from the dermis and through the top layer of the skin, drying out the skin and making wrinkles more noticeable.


Wrinkles are a sign of protein cross-linking with the dermis. Collagen fibres (protein) can become cross-linked to another protein, sugar, or lipid in an abnormal manner resulting in ageing. This cross-linking causes the fibres to become hard and stiff, making it difficult for nutrients to go through and to remove waste.

Changes in the cell 

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation reduces the cell DNA repair capacity and increases mutations. Disrupts the function of the genes and skin stem cells, increasing oxidative stress and inflammation.

 Loss of Telomeres

The enzyme responsible for increasing the replication of telomeres to prevent them from becoming short is telomerase. Deficiency of this enzyme causes shortening and flawed regeneration of the skin.

Anatomical Variations on Skin

Every skin is different individual skin variations can play a role in wrinkle formation. The colour of your skin will determine how protected you are from UV radiation cell damage. Darker skin tone means fewer wrinkles. Areas and thickness of the skin also make a difference as well as sebum production and blood flow. There are many differences between individuals and even areas of our bodies that influence wrinkle formation. 


Oestrogen affects wrinkle formation and can increase hyaluronic acid responsible for maintaining moisture and balance in the skin structure. It helps increase collagen production and slows down wrinkle formation. Thyroid hormones can also have an impact on the skin leading to dryness, coarseness and thick skin when hormone levels are low.

Is Botox a wrinkle cure?

There is no denying it Botox is the wonder drug for a wrinkle-free face. However, it is a potent toxin. No matter what the claims of safety, in my view it is still a toxin. Regularly and deliberately injecting toxins is dangerous and can lead to side effects and complications. Risking headaches, pain, swelling, bruising, droopy eyes, cocked eyebrows, and flu like symptoms.

Start to question what this toxin can do to your cells and health over time. Don't just think of the results or immediate effect it has on your wrinkles. Look deeper and look for alternatives. Prevention is always the best way. It is never too late to start a new beauty routine that incorporates natural living and self-acceptance.

Natural and wrinkle-free 

More and more women are acknowledging the importance of living a life in harmony with nature. Accept yourself wrinkles and all. This does not mean self-neglect and despair. On the contrary, there is a growing movement that has expanded the cosmetics industry through extensive research and a plethora of natural alternatives. Glutathione has been at the forefront of many testings and trials. Vital role as a master antioxidant, glutathione has infiltrated the retail beauty market with new skincare products targeting anti-ageing and wrinkles.

Glutathione and wrinkles

Glutathione beauty role is dualistic as it assists in a more integrated way to reduce and prevent wrinkles and the ageing process. As a true warrior, it undergoes an internal battle with toxins and free radicals that enter the cells. 

A high concentration of glutathione is found in the cells indicating the significant role it plays. Cell protection is vital for youthful wrinkle-free skin. 

Damage in the dermis structure is what contributes to surface level wrinkles. Keeping the cells of the dermis healthy makes sense. If there is constant exposure to free radicals it damages the collagen and elastin, the cells DNA and cell membrane. Oxidation of cells shortens the length of telomeres. An antioxidant like glutathione is your best weapon against oxidation. Free radicals cause oxidation and havoc on the cells. Without a high level of glutathione in your body, you risk wrinkling and ageing. Glutathione destroys toxins, eliminates waste and boosts all functions of the cell. Glutathione regenerates the cells and is a chemical messenger of DNA. It removes dangerous toxins and regulates cell life cycle, DNA function and maintenance.  

Glutathione is administered in five main ways, orally, topically, intravenously, intranasally, and nebulized. Increasing glutathione in whatever capacity will help prevent the onset of wrinkles and reduce their visibility. The amazing fact about glutathione is that it will also boost the effectiveness of all other antioxidants and hence why its known as the master antioxidant.

Three-step strategy to prevent fine lines and wrinkles

1. Environment  

Initiate the slogan of Slip Slop Slap. Slip-on shirt. Slop on sunscreen and Slap on a sunhat. A number one cause of wrinkles is sun exposure. It is advisable to limit your time in the sun during the hottest time of the day around 3 pm. Protect your skin from any form of ultraviolet rays, radiation, toxins and pollution.

2. Lifestyle 

You are what you eat. Adopt healthy habits and eat consciously. Take the time to reflect on what you put into your mouth. Eat for health, not taste. Are you eating to manage stress and emotions? Are you addicted to a particular food? What can you use as a substitute? Empty calories, sugar and simple carbohydrates will temporarily make you feel better but don't forget they are contributing to your wrinkles. Drugs, medications and alcohol are damaging to the cells and your skin. Exercise increases oxygen supply, and function of the cells in the body. The benefits to the mind-body and soul are well known.

3.Self Pampering

Setting aside some time for self-pampering is never a waste of time. Look after your body, it is an enjoyable way to express self-love. We all need to feel loved and wanted. Why not show this to yourself in a practical way. Get a massage or practice self massage to appreciate you. Buy quality skincare products to nurture your skin. Cleanse, tone, and hydrate your face. Managing our stress and feeling good in our skin is what it's all about. 



The search for beauty is not found in a wrinkle free face, but in the depth of acceptance of the wholeness of who you are. Loving yourself unconditionally to take positive action. Treating yourself with kindness and care is the foundation for the wrinkle free goddess to emerge.   





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