Maslow's Theory

Philosophy of Human Motivation

A long time has passed since I first came across Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Abraham Maslow used the pyramid framework to visually express and understand what motivates human beings.  Maslow’s original model allowed for only five levels. Four foundational needs plus one growth need, self-actualization.  However, over time the growth levels have been expanded, and interpreted, as society has strengthened its foundational requirements. Most interesting to me is how human behavior has been found to be significantly influenced by higher growth needs rather than foundation needs. It is no wonder that businesses fulfilling a customer’s higher level of needs becomes irreplaceable in their eyes.

Learning has always been breath and passion for me. No surprise these growth needs have sparked my curiosity and my wish to explore their interrelated connections further. The aesthetician in me is excited to find it among the higher level needs of human growth. But what is aesthetics? For beauty lovers it's a philosophy of love of nature and appreciation of beauty in everything and everyone. It does wonders to the human psyche to be surrounded by beautiful imagery. Aesthetic appreciation plays an important role as you continue up the pyramid towards Self-Actualization, absorbing and observing all that the world has to offer. Aesthetics, a human need significant enough to be highlighted once again.

Pyramid Model

Looking at the diagram you can see the pyramid is divided in sections. The first being a physical primary need, starts at the base of the pyramid. Ideally as you move up or achieve fulfillment of a human need, your exploration continues to the next higher level, and so on it goes.  One level has to be reasonably obtained before you are motivated to move on to the next level. The model order is not rigid but a theory that is subject to fluidity between levels, and personal circumstances.

There are four foundational needs, also known as deficiency needs. The deprivation of the need, in these levels is what motivates people the longer it remains unmet. Whereas growth needs continue to be felt, and do not arise from lack, but the feeling of desire may even become stronger.



This is the starting point, your foundation. The basic level of materialist needs, that every human living on this planet has a divine right to.  Fundamental vitality of the self, established through motivation of physical safety, shelter, nutritious food, clean water, rest and sleep. Feeling grounded and connected to the earth. So that you can receive the life giving prana of intelligent energy, from the earth that comes through the root.

Category – Material or earthly needs
Chakra – Root
Colour – Red
Crystals – Red Jasper Stone, Bloodstone
Element – Earth
Oils – Grounding & Base Note Essential Oils from trees, barks and resins.
Dimension – 1st


Feeling protected and secure and safe from any danger, abuse and trauma, whether mental or physical. Living in a safe and stable environment. Being healthy and balanced physically, emotionally, financially.
Personal emotional identity, expression of power on an individual basis. Self conscious understanding and acceptance of self. Motivated by expressive personal power or lack of self conscious understanding and acceptance of self.
Sacral Chakra representative of creative movement and flow. Of pleasure, through the emotional body and experiencing life through feelings and sensations.

Category – Material or earthly needs
Chakra – Sacral
Colour – Orange
Crystals – Orange Moonstone, Orange Calcite, Goldstone
Element – Water
Oils – Middle/Base Note Essential Oils
Dimension – 2nd


Social relationships form the centre of identity. Motivated by power and influence in relationships, in work and social groups. The importance of love, acceptance, belonging and emotional connection can ease any feeling of loneliness, depression and anxiety. Involvement in activities and groups, can fulfil an important need towards finding purpose in daily life.
Solar plexus the third chakra centre relates to confidence to meet challenges, the expression of will, respect for the nature and emotions of others, unity with the rest of humanity.

Category – Material or earthly needs
Chakra – Solar Plexus
Colour – Yellow
Crystals – Citrine, Sunstone, Lemon Quartz
Element – Fire
Oils – Middle Note Essential Oils
Dimension – 3rd


The belief and evaluation of your own self worth, emotional state and how you feel about negative and positive aspects of self. Lower level of self esteem, or ego is motivated by the need to feel appreciated, respected and recognized in accomplishments, work and other areas of life. To feel you have made an important contribution to society.
A higher level of self esteem is motivated by universal love or unconditional love, acceptance, non judgement and healing of self and others.
Activating your heart chakra is the springboard to intelligent infinity.

Category – Ego Needs. It is also link or bridge between material and spiritual Needs
Chakra – Heart
Colour – Green
Crystals – Jade, Rose Quartz
Element – Air
Oils – Middle/Top Note Essential oils
Dimension – 4th




Cognitive needs are expressed as a human need to discover and create a better understanding of the world. For you to learn, explore and solve problems through curiosity. Your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes affect your motivation and explain your behavior. When cognitive needs are blocked all of the needs are threatened. It is also the first true spiritual growth need. The throat chakra center represents wisdom, light, honesty, clarity and inspiration. Integrated nature of the mind, body, spirit of self knowing, and free communication of your being.

Category – Growth or spiritual needs
Chakra – Throat
Colour – Blue
Crystals – Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Kyanite
Element – Ether
Oils – Top Note Essential Oils
Dimension – 5th (1st dimension outside of time/material world)


Aesthetics is the philosophy of beauty, art and intuitive creativity.
A rainbow landscape of the human spirit. An artisan communicates through the language of aesthetics. Filtered through individual expression and perception. Interactive sensations, responsive emotions, deem experiences with fascination.
A gateway to intelligent infinity, the Third Eye Chakra is the light and magical world of universal energies. Of spiritual possibilities, that pulls the energy up from the root chakra to the meeting of the inner light.

Category – Growth or spiritual needs
Chakra – Third Eye
Colour – Indigo
Crystals – Iolite, Tanzanite, Azurite
Element – Light
Oils – Blends that Strengthen Intuition & Psychic power
Dimension – 6th (Playground Dimension Many Worlds)

Self Actualization

Self actualization is a crowning ceremony, a sacramental experience. Blissful unity with the divine spirit and the mind body soul complex. A balance of the energetic signature of the self. Pure violet flame surrounds, integrates and harmonizes the energetic expression and frequency of your being. Full personal power, potential and self mastery is realized. Awareness of the existing equilibrium of exchange and union with source. Acknowledgement of the self as being a powerful manifestor and creator of your own life.


Category – Growth or spiritual needs
Chakra – Crown
Colour – Violet
Crystals – Amethyst, Sugilite, Rainbow Moonstone
Element – Violet Flame
Oils – Blends to guide spiritual enlightenment
Dimension – 7th (vibration & light)


Transcendence is the highest sphere of consciousness. Surpassing beyond the self or achievements. Direct connection with the higher self, the real you. Connection with the light of the universe, the akashic records, a memory bank for your soul. Soul star chakra found in the etheric body above your head. Representing the seat of love, compassion and service to others through higher purpose. The lower self and higher self transcends as a mastered self. Peak experiences and strengths are transcended from the limitations of 3D ego. To being one with the larger universe, a higher perspective outside of time, to bring peace, potential and spiritual connection.

Category – Growth or spiritual needs
Chakra – Soul Star
Colour – White
Crystals – Clear Quartz, Selenite, Kyanite
Element – Spirit – Source
Oils – Alchemy Magic
Dimension – 8th (Pure Potential)

The Beauty Link

Aesthetic Appreciation

Most people long for something beautiful, something new or aesthetically pleasing.
To deny this need would mean the denial of life. Beauty and joy of creative living, from the passion of your heart, to the expression of your being. We all are an individual expression of God, and in us is a creator. This is the aesthetic need of the human soul.

Importance of Aesthetics


Use your imagination it’s your superpower. This superpower is individually expressed through the power of the mind and through visualization. We think about our future. We imagine things we don’t have. Visualize images of your creative arts. Perform them in your mind’s eye, to perfect and trick the brain to believe it’s real. In your imagination there are no limitations only infinite possibilities.


The artist within is longing to be expressed, to be playfully communicated. Experimenting with curiosity, not afraid of challenges, rejection or criticism. But with determination, passion they implement high standards to give birth to their own beautiful masterpiece.


To experience joy and pleasure is a blessing to the heart. Expansion of who you are, acknowledgement that you are so valuable and worth it. Celebrate your existence. Your uniqueness. There are no rules or guidelines. However way you wish to experience aesthetic beauty is perfect for you, and perfect for the world. Shine your light and love everywhere you go. Smile and have fun doing what you love.


Elevate your mind, in the peaceful tranquility found in the beauty of nature. Breathe in the clear, fresh oxygen. A well, a life force of energy, bigger than us. It’s ancient origins a part of a complex ecosystem working as a whole sentient being. Seek aesthetic comfort and nurture from mother earth. Feel balanced and in touch with your own undisturbed self.

Not surprisingly, aesthetic needs have now revealed itself among the growth sector of human needs. It’s importance as a key motivational step prior to self-realization, has been significantly undervalued, in my opinion.  Without the appreciation of beauty, the search for balance, and need to express oneself in artistic and pleasing ways, life would indeed be very dull, robotic and mundane. Let alone limited and confined in realizing one’s unique potential.