Natural Philosophy

Observing the Ancient Wisdom of Nature



Natural philosophy is the essence of the world we live in. It’s in nature, consisting of the basic elements of fire, earth, air and water. Natural philosophers research study and observe nature and the physical universe. They look into causes and effects focusing on their whole and individual parts A philosophy that encompasses all the natural phenomena of the physical world. Philosophers have sought to understand how nature works by describing and predicting, and also through observation and experimentation.


Natural Philosophy is the classical approach to today's modern natural science. Known as the Great Mother of all sciences. Founded on a purpose to discover the physical causes of all natural effects, with less focus on hard scientific proof. Renowned philosophers like Plato, Pythagoras, Empedocles, Democritus traveled extensively through most of Egypt ,Syria, Judea and schools of Chaldean to learn the great secrets of the universe.

7 Laws of nature

1. Vibrationeverything is energy vibrating. Like attracts like energy, nothing rests.
2. Relativitynature can only be measured in relation to another object.
3. Cause and Effectevery cause has an effect. Every effect has a cause.
4. Polarityeverything has an opposite.
5. Rhythmchange is constant and everything has a natural life cycle.
6. Gestationeverything takes time to manifest.
7. Transmutationenergy moves in and out of physical form.

5 Major Branches of Natural Philosophy

Earth Science













Aristotle was considered father of Natural Philosophy, he was taught and influenced by Plato. He had a lifelong interest in the study of nature.
The science of physics contains almost all there is to know about the world. However Metaphysics is what Aristotle called the first philosophy. Metaphysics being abstract concepts such as being, knowing, identity, time, and space. He believed there was an interaction or overlap between these two philosophies which made them inseparable.


Experience Nature Beyond the Physical Reality









Everything is energy, humans and nature are part of the unified field of energy. It’s a metaphysical world of connection, not separation. Nature’s physical beauty is just a small part of the holistic picture to appreciate. A world of wonder, full of mystery and creative power.
Can we communicate with nature? This has been documented by many in altered states of consciousness. Our oneness with nature is experienced through our spiritual self. An energetic power that tunes us in, revealing the secret life of nature’s true reality and beauty.