Discover ways you can increase your levels of glutathione in your body. This super nutrient will boost your health and beauty. Super antioxidant powers of glutathione protect from premature ageing optimizing health and wellbeing.

 What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant helping support your immune system. It protects our body from toxins and cell damage by detoxifying the body.

 Why measure glutathione level in the body?

Beauty is skin deep. When we keep our skin cells healthy they are able to function more efficiently just as they did in our youth. Skin ageing is cell decline resulting from cell damage. Damaged cells accelerate the ageing process . The natural glutathione levels in our body drop when cells are damaged. It is vital to increase the amount of glutathione in our body if we want to stay healthy and prevent premature ageing of our skin.

 How to measure your need for Glutathione

Science has stumbled upon difficulties in measuring glutathione in the body's central nervous system. As a result new trials conducted are now focused on increasing the levels of glutathione in the body in an effort to understand more how it impacts on disease.

A way science can observe changes is by looking at brain composition through a process called magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) is a non-invasive radiation-free technique. Is used to study Alzheimer’s disease, brain tumors and strokes. MRI’s measure the occupying space while MRS measure the chemical composition of the scanned area. Scientific studies are now relying on MRS to measure the glutathione in the brain.

A GGT test (Gamma- Glutamyl Transpeptidase) records the amount of GGT enzyme in your blood.  GGT is an enzyme concentrated in the gallbladder, spleen, pancreas and kidney. GGT role is to break down, change and move drugs, toxins and other foreign wastes out of the body. High levels of GGT in your blood could be a sign of liver damage. An increase of GGT is a direct result of low glutathione in the body. Low glutathione levels slow down detoxification of toxins. When the body struggles, GGT enzyme levels increase, indicating stress in the body that can lead to disease.

 5 ways to apply and use Glutathione?

There are five main ways we can directly administer glutathione. Some applications are more successful than others in increasing glutathione levels.

1. Orally

Oral glutathione is in supplements or pills. The use of oral glutathione is controversial as most studies fail to show an increase in GSH (glutathione). Only some studies have shown positive results.

2. Topically

Available in creams, serums, lotions and soap. Glutathione creams have become popular as a way to lighten the skin and keep it more youthful. The transdermal application of glutathione shows a great deal of promise research is still in early stages.

3. Intravenously

IV glutathione is an invasive application used to administer glutathione. IV glutathione also has a short life efficacy and is not practical for home use.

4. Intranasally

The nasal spray goes directly in the nose to deliver a quick dose of glutathione.

5. Nebulized Form

Glutathione administered via a nebulizing device is used with a mask to cover the nose and mouth. This device delivers a fine mist of glutathione directly into the lungs. This can be awkward and time consuming as sessions can last upto 15-25 mins.

8 Ways to increase glutathione levels

Knowing the importance glutathione is to health it makes sense to look for ways to increase levels of glutathione. It is helpful to know of several effective ways to increase glutathione in your body.

1. Consume Less Toxic Food

Decrease the need for glutathione by decreasing toxic food in your body. Limit alcohol consumption, processed food and fast food.

2. Increase Antioxidants

The more antioxidants we have the better we can decrease oxidative stress and free radical damage in our body. E.g. Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) supplements and creams increase your glutathione levels.

3. Add Nutrients

Include specific nutrients to increase level of glutathione. A supplement such as  Whey N-acetylcysteine (NAC) (Cysteine) is effective at raising glutathione levels. Studies have found that 1000mg/d of Cysteine will substantially increase glutathione. Cysteine is found in dairy, eggs, garlic, onion, and red peppers.

4. Alcohol-Free Beer

Give up alcohol. Drink alcohol-free beer.  According to research 500ml per day raises glutathione by 29%.

5. Almonds

Snack on almonds to increase your glutathione levels. Studies found an increase of 16%. Smokers who ate almonds had significant 29% decrease in damage to their DNA.  

6. Meditation

Start meditating. Apparently, people who practice meditation have 20% higher levels of glutathione.

7. Nasal Spray

Use nasal sprays to directly administer glutathione it can be less invasive and easier to use.

8. Skincare

Topical application of creams, lotions and soaps. These beauty products offer additional skin benefits as well as your dose of glutathione. It is my favourite way to increase glutathione levels in my body and keep me looking younger.



Luckily we have many options available to us, we can make smart choices that will make noticeable improvements in our skin and beauty as well as health. By optimizing glutathione levels and maintaining a lifestyle that decreases toxin exposure, we become empowered by our superpower inside our cells.  Habits are hard to change and take time to master but by doing so we can boost our health, beauty and longevity and be free from disease.