About Us


Lightworkers are here to work on ‘light energy’. Light energy encompasses all things, it is the flow of source the chi or prana. The essence of all things. Essence of spirit before it manifests into form. Energy of thoughts and emotions send frequencies. Frequencies are experienced in the material world as matter and energy vibration.  A lightworker rules over their own light or frequency and is also a guide for others.

A lightworker struggles to find their light within. They feel misunderstood and not a part of this world. Have learnt to heal themselves by facing a difficult childhood with many challenges in their lives. All their challenges and obstacles lead them to wake up and understand themselves and their mission on earth better.

Here for a sacred purpose but usually don't know what that is. Feel a restless sense of urgency within until they figure it out. Particular signs can point them to the journey that is meant for them, but it can take years to actualize and when it does, everything falls into place. Upon figuring out their mission, they join paths with others who are also on the same journey.


The art of beauty in the modern world is becoming more complex to define. Corporations, media and advertising manipulate the individual to portray a certain image.  Making them believe that their version of ‘beauty’ will provide them with more chances of success and acceptance within society and culture. Ultimately undermining and negating people’s self-worth and confidence.  The practice of beautification has gone beyond looking attractive. Extreme practices in the name of beauty are now portrayed as the new normal. This is to me, a very disturbing trend, hiding dangerous consequences to the individual’s skin health and mental wellbeing.

Beauty Lightworker was founded upon a vision to break free from society’s portrayal of beauty. The belief that you are beautiful is more than skin deep. Beauty Lightworker philosophy looks beyond the boundaries of the skin. We look to incorporate natural beauty rituals with self-esteem, self-worth and confidence boosting practices. To unveil the light within is when you reveal true beauty. 


Provide natural quality products and service to my beauty lightworker tribe. Help inspire a journey of self growth within my community. Providing meaningful information and insight on holistic health and wellness to develop self appreciation and value.


Create a supportive community of like minded souls who are authentic and awake to their inner beauty and spiritual gifts, helping to lift the frequency of the planet.


Challenge society and cultural definition of beauty. Empower women to recognise and develop their unique true individuality, and awaken to their divine feminine superpower. By helping to transform the way women think about themselves. Inspire a self healing journey, to question and break down their own limiting belief systems. Ultimately shifting perception and self-identity that embraces confidence and unconditional self love. 


Thoughts, words, and actions reflect the image you SEE and FEEL each time you look in the mirror. The feeling of beauty is generated through Self Love.